Giveaway Day Numba 12: First Response Massage

ahhhh....   I can feel my stress fading away.


First Response Massage is located in Tonganoxie, right off 24/40. First Response is kind of new o town all though their massage therapists are very seasoned!! I have gotten one massage with them & CANT WAIT TO BACK. The massage I received felt so. dang. good, deep tissue (I've seen over 100+ faces this year, deep tissue was a must!) full body massage. If you don't get them or haven't event ever gotten a massage, it's a great way to treat yo self. Book it. Now. Plus their pricing is beyond fair for the quality!   First Response also does all kinds of discounts and deals for anyone in the public service (police, fireman, ambulance  etc). Anyone who is active duty/reserves/retired service also receives a much deserved discount.

Day number 12 brings you an hour massage from First Response!! I'm tellin you, the detoxing and "new you feel" you get from a massage is hard to beat. Their staff is kind, the place is clean and they use essential oils so it smells amazing too! All you have to do to be entered to win are these THREE THINGS:  FOLLOW ME ON IG, FOLLOW FIRST RESPONSE ON FACEBOOK, TAG TWO FRIENDS IN THE IG POST. Extra entries for sharing this blog post, liking my FB page and sharing the first response massage page.


they can now do couples massages!!