Giveaway Day Numba 10: Hair by Sarah Moiser

I'm jammin to Christmas music as I type this, wrapped in a cozi cardi, in leggings and uggs.... All I need is a starbucks to make this most basic set up, ever - haha! I love being comfy! 

Do you have a hair gal that you just love?? Most of us do but sometimes people say no and it literally BLOWS MY MIND! Hooooww?? Whyy?? Hooooww?? I have to have a go to hair gal, or I feel like I'm in a constant state of panic {just ask my friends, they can ALL vouch}. I have tried several different places in KC over the years and it's not that I haven't enjoyed my time (okay I can honestly say there's been 2 times I didn't enjoy my time, not a single second) but over all it's been fine. Then I started going to Sarah Moiser.... I leave there HAPPY, every single time. I can't wait to go and know that I am going to leave with the most fabulous hair. Her salon [ Studio L ] is located in Mission, right off Johnson Drive and 635, super easy to get to and pretty centrally located. Sarah is spunky, trendy, sweet, knowledgeable and honest. She is the BEST and I highly recommend her! 

Day 10 brings you a deep conditioning treatment ($50 value) from Sarah!! Treat yo self and tack on a color or cut! All you have to do to be entered is FOLLOW ME ON IG - LIKE THE STUDIOS FB PAGE - TAB TWO FRIENDS ON THE IG POST.  You get extra enteries for re sharing the IG post, sharing this blog post and liking my FB page. 

Here's an insight to the salon.... and some of Sarahs magic!