Do you stuff your own stocking??

I spent Sunday afternoon helping Kelley with a commercial shoot and afterwards we decided to have a glass of wine and relax on her new couch. As we sat there catching up and chatting about Christmas decor the kids came blazing through like little tornado's. My daughter noticed her friends already had things in their stockings! So they poked and prodded and figured out all the stockings had a few things in them... except one. As the kids counted off who's stocking was who's, her oldest piped up "Momma! Your stocking is the empty one! There's nothing in your stocking". Kelley and I looked at each other and had similar thoughts, you could see it on our faces, I said out loud "Sounds about right". Now this is not a hating on men post - let me make that clear. 

Hearing Sully say it out loud, kind of made me sad. There's nothing in Momma's stocking. I can't be the only one feeling like it's not just about the cute fur lined sock, hung on the mantle. It made me sad because of course there's nothing in momma's stocking. We're busy making sure everyone else's vintage stripped stocking's are filled with wants/needs/love. We're not thinking about ourselves, we're thinking of others. By doing that though, we often leave ourselves feeling "empty" or "drained" You don't always realize it till a 6 year old questions it. You don't even think twice because it's like this every year, if not nearly year round. We put ourselves last. We leave ourselves with empty stockings. 

This year, I refuse to do this. I will not continue to fill everyone else's stocking at the cost of emptying mine {It's bull shit}. Of course, I will do the things I do every year; Hand write Christmas cards (I really hate the way I write Merry), stock cyber Monday deals for 40% off (then have that item shipped to your work so your husband doesn't see what you got him), wrap presents till midnight a couple nights (guilty, oh so guilty), grocery shop with kids hanging on me (ugh), then make another 3 trips for the things I forgot (well of course I forgot something, I pretty much spent the whole time saying "NO, we're not getting that"), plan the perfect holiday party, (it won't be perfect, I'll burn something), hand make items with the kids for grandparents (and hover wishing she'd use red for the candy cane instead of orange).... but this year will be different. Here's what I'm doing to make sure I stay cheerful & my stocking doesn't hang empty.... 

  • Present #1: Each time my kiddo smiles, I remember why I'm doing these things. I smile and my heart fills with love and appreciation for my own mom & dad. All those years of making everything memorable. 
  • Present #2: Each late night wrapping session is parried with M&Ms, Popcorn and Wine. I wrap with the light of the Christmas tree too.
  • Present #3: Before shopping, I fill envelopes. I mark with each one with the persons name & fill it with the budget I have for that person. (I tend to overspend.... I like to shop)
  • Present #4: Each time I'm in the car at night I drive with no music on & soak in the lights. Just like your kids do. 
  • Present #5: When I'm cooking, I turn on Christmas music; dance sessions make me happy (and could be why I burn things -- opppss.... haha) 
  • Present #6: Look at your calendar right now, mark 2 nights that you'll do something for yourself - Hair mask, face mask, early bed time, book a massage, girls dinner, get your nails done. It's 2 nights out of the month, make it happen. 

These are the things I'm trying this year and so far, so good! Hang in there momma, it's the holidays. Your stocking should be abundantly full!  

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