Masks, Scrubs, Peels - Oh my!

You know what I love about an empty house?! Well, just about everything; it's such a rarity for me! However, my most favorite thing is slipping into sweats, taking off my bra (hallelujah!) and make-up, turning on Gilmore Girls and getting my pamper on! Do I have to be alone to do these things? no. Do I prefer to be alone? Yes. Sharing my most favorite products for my most favorite SSB (if you're a sex in the city fan, you get it)

LIP Scrub

I do this once a week (home alone or not) and I make my own. It's nothing particularly fancy but it's cheap, it works and it's easy. All you need is a table spoon of brown sugar, a couple drops of raw honey & a tooth brush with soft/medium bristles. Grab a little bowl, pour in the brown sugar. Drizzle the honey on top, mix it together. Dip your tooth brush in and gently scrub your lips in circular motions for about 45-60 sec. This will help keep your lips nice and smooth; making wearing matte lips much easier & it'll help you avoid that dreaded winter dry lip! So many perks ;)

FACE Peels

I love a good face mask; I usually have a couple different ones on hand for different issues (dryness, splotchy skin, deep cleaning etc). I came across this little number in Target (of course) and immediately was like - YES I must try this. If you know me at all, you know I'm a picker (I think Dr. Pimple Popper is my spirit animal HA!). This  is a deep pore peeling mask; a pickers dream! Slather a layer of this charcoal based mask all over your face, avoid your eyebrows & if your cheeks are sensitive I'd stick with your T-zone. Be sure it's a decent layer, not too thin or it won't come off all together. Wait about 20 minutes and then use the tool it comes with or your finger nail to lift an area of the mask and pull in an upright motion. You'll be able to see it drawing the junk out of your pores as you peel! 

HAIR Masks

So, I had a little bit of hair drama about a year ago now. I was left in the chair with color on my hair for an excessive amount of time, causing the whole top layer to be chemically damaged/fried off. I cried for days and have been babying my hair for a year now. I've found a new hair home with Studio L & she has done a great job helping me with growth and giving great advice. She sent me home with this malibu rinse out mask and it leaves my hair feeling so strong & visibly reduces frizz & dryness. Dampen your hair some, apply mask with fingers, running product from base to ends. I put on a shower cap to avoid mess. If you can't make it to a salon, my favorite Target Hair mask are these little $1.99 Argan Oil masks. I apply the same way and wear a shower cap around. Both masks should be on your head for at least 20-25 minutes, I tend to give mine a good hour or so. SO get caught up in a good book, watch a TV show or soak in the tub before your shower while your face, hair and lips get revitalized! 

Hope you have a relaxing night to yourself soon ladies! xoxo