Shoot & Miss

So as much as I like to share the love on great finds, I feel like no one talks about the products that don't work... insert dramatic gasp.... I mean I want to know what works but I also want to know what to stay away from, I can't be the only one?! Here are my top 5 items that just didn't work the way I really, really wanted them to. Target, Shoot and Miss.....

1. NYX Suede Lippie: As you read in the prior blog post, I LOVE NYX Lippies. However, the Suedes were so disappointing. At first I thought it might have been the color so I tried another, nope. It's just the formula. The color doesn't stay for more than about an hour before you have to re-apply but it's kind of a matte consistency so with each application it gets thicker & continues to dry out your lips. Plus the color bleeds, making your lip look messy. I don't want to look like I just played 7 minutes in heaven- I'm good on that- haha.    Photo Shoot approved: Yes.     All day/night wear: no way.





2. E.L.F Mascara: Everything I have tried from the Elf brand had been great so I was kind of excited to try out the mascara. Bad. Just bad.... Super dry, very clumpy. Guess in this instance; you get what you pay for.








3. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Liner: When I wear liner I want to keep up with me. I want it bold in color, I want it to stay put & I want it to apply easily. This is none of those things. It's SO smudgy. Especially for those who have oily eye lids or those who don't use primers, this is NOT for you. The other part of a liquid liner I do not want to have to worry about is it drying itself out. This seemed to dry out pretty quick, which makes applying difficult. Boo for bad liners. 








4. Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation: So this one wasn't any kind of huge fail, unlike the mascara. However, most foundations at Target are sealed. When I went to try a few new products, this was one of them and I bought with out opening (my mistake). The color was NOTHING like what it looked to be. It was about 2.3 shades darker than what I thought I was purchasing. Big fat bummer. I ended up keeping it for styling purposes, because I generally liked the consistency and coverage looked to be decent. It'll work good for younger girls. So you've been warned: test before heading home with it! 



5. Aveeno Nourish & shine Shampoo: It's not make up, but a good shampoo is a beauty must have and this is not it. Talk about wasting time, literally had to re wash my hair after using this. Thin haired girls who want/need some volume, this would be your jam. However, I have naturally curly hair and don't need much help with volume. This shampoo made my locks a giant frizz, puff ball. It was the last product I used on my hair (pro tip: try conditioning first then shampooing, see how it changes your hair)! So I had done that which will give your hair body in its self, so I tried again a couple days later with a "normal" shower routine. HA! It was comical really. Just not good for my hair type: Curly, mid thickness and mid length. Short haired girls with thin hair; you may give it a go! 

So there you have it. Think before you buy! ;)