Target : The Happiest Place on Earth

I'm pretty sure the title says it all, am I right?? There's nothing I love more than strolling the aisles (of any place) for a good deal. Target always has something I "can't live without". Between clothes for me, clothes & shoes for my mini, home décor/holiday décor, the $1 bin & one of my fav areas, the make-up goodies; I can't stay out of that place! Just in case you don't already get "targeted", you know when you go in after a milk and toilet paper & come out with everything but; here's my top 10 favorite Target make-up buys!

1. Elf Hydrating Primer: Have you given the elf brand a try?? It's totally worth it! I'm really digging this primer, It gives you an even canvas, fill pores perfectly(a must for my primers, no one likes big pores) but doesn't leave you with that oily feeling some primers do. I start my morning routine at 6:00am and it's still going strong with no touch ups by dinner time! Plus, for $6.99 you can stretch out the life of your Sephora Primer ;)



2. Maybelline FIT ME! Matte Poreless Foundation: Want full coverage? Want something light? Want something that comes in a wide variety of color options? Want something that doesn't break the bank?? $4.99 ladies - $4.99! I use this foundation myself, I use it on brides, I use it on Seniors.... it's good stuff!

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: This is my go - to concealer. I haven't bought "name brand" in forever! I love it. The lightest shade works so well for those that have super fair skin. The neutralizer shade is great for those with dark cirlces and it even comes in darker colors for those with warmer skin tones! Plus it's kind of fun, the way its on that roller ball, its the little things - ha!

4. NYX Brow Marker: So when it comes to brows normally I wouldn't stray from my Anastasia Brow powder. However, when I went on vacation over the summer and somehow I forgot/miss placed my Anastasia (sad day, believe me my husband was done hearing about it! lol!) I perused Target and found this little number! If you need something quick and easy to get those brows on fleek - give this a go!

5. Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow: I use this palette when I travel. I'm always too worried about dropping/shattering my high end palettes. These Sonia Kashuk colors are highly pigmented & exclusive to target. These colors are great for all seasons, especially the upcoming holidays and come with everything you need for a contoured eye-look!

6. Maybelline Line Stiletto: These felt tip liners are my favorite! Easy application, it just glides right on. Color is bold, which is important with black liners; no green tones or fading welcome! Last but not least, it's stays on all day long. "May the wings of your liner always be even."

7. E.l.f Translucent Setting Powder: I just started using this product a couple months ago. I was just lolly gagging, looking for new finds and decided to give it a try & I'm really happy with it!! It's comes in the Translucent white color & corrective yellow (similar to banana powder). Sets my concealer for the day and it's only $6.99! It is a little messy, but easy clean up, just brushes away! 

8. CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara: Ah, mascara the one item that can make you come alive with a few swipes of a wand! I'm not using much mascara these days (thanks to my fab lash extentions) but I use this little magic tube on my clients weekly! It's great for volume, no clumpage - clumpage is that a word?? Is now...... The standard colors are available & it comes in waterproof- a wedding must!

9. Sonia Kashuk Chic Bronzer/Highlight duo : I love this stuff! I love that you get your bronzer and your highlight all in one nice little package. This highlighter is warm, non flaky not super metallic so if you prefer that glittery type of highlight, this wouldn't be for you. The bronzer has just enough "glow" in it. I use this duo A LOT in the summer time, when you've got that summer color! Ah, summer color. I miss you. 

10: NYX Intense Butter Gloss: Lippies are a MUST for me! I may or may not own every color in this line. Any of the NYX lip colors are holy grail musts (except the suede's, stay tuned for a blog about "shoot and misses"). These colors are highlighly pigmented, have lots of shine, don't dry your lips out and have a 3-4 hour lip life. So you do have to re-apply through out the day, it's not a stain but to me that's the least of my worries when it comes to possible lippie troubles. "Marshmallow" is my current fav (pictured), perfect for fall/holidays. The love is real y'all.

Enjoy your next trip to Target, like it's possible not to. Let me know if you pick anything up! I love seeing pretty faces! ;)