If Looks Could Kill

Bare ladies are my favorite! That sounds more odd that it actually is - ha! What I mean is Bare shoots, are my favorite to style. Why? Because it takes a little courage to do Bare shoots. It takes self love and confidence and I love seeing that come out in women. 

Megan, with eyes that could kill! 

Megan decided to step outside her comfort zone and do a Bare shoot with Kelley & I! She becomes a wife in January and knew her fiance would love a gift like this and would be completely surprised by it too. We looked over her outfits and loved everything she brought, especially the floral crown (who doesn't love some good hair flair?!) I wanted to give her a natural face but make sure those blue eyes popped! I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (it really smells like chocolate, need I say more?!) to bring out the blues and greens in her eyes. I also used a creamy shadow for liner so it smudged a little easier. Half way through their shoot, Kelley texted me: Killed it on her eyes - love! Nothing makes me happier than hearing things like that! :)  As for her hair, I wanted her to be able to play in it, have some body & be full! I used just a regular ole curling iron to achieve this look! 

Megan - you killed it. You look beautiful, you felt beautiful, you will make a beautiful bride. I wish you all the happiness in the world & can't wait to style you again!